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What is Entrupy?

Entrupy is the only technology-based, powered by Artificial Intelligence, authentication solution on the market to provide trust to buyers and sellers of luxury handbags. Entrupy has collected thousands of images of physical goods (bags, shoes, watches, jewelry, etc) from around the world, creating a rich and diverse unmatched data-set.


This high quality data collected is utilized to teach our algorithms to differentiate between fake and authentic items, which in turn, gives us the ability to produce results like our 99.1% accuracy rate. Every item that is authenticated helps the algorithms learn and improve, creating a smarter solution that adapts to the changing world.

How does it work?

Entrupy technology is a microscope camera that allows us to locate and analyze details on the article that are invisible to the naked eye. This camera links to a database with thousands of photographs of luxury items. The results obtained for the item are compared with the other results, thus making it possible to determine whether or not it is a counterfeit.

Why you need a certificate!

The Entrupy Authentication Certificate allows you peace of mind to know that the item you are purchasing is 100% authentic. Each authentication certificate is backed by a financial guarantee and certificates live on Entrupy's servers so they cannot be tampered with. Click here to get yours today!

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