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 Who said activism and accessorising doesn’t go together? Well--Brandon Blackwood is here to prove you wrong! When the Brooklyn-based, Jamaican-Chinese designer dropped his End Systematic Racism (ESR) bag in 2020, the Black Lives Matter Movement was in full swing and its message resonated with consumers, creating a community of its own through fashion. Despite the bags viral success, Blackwood has decided to shelve the ESR bag after his final (already sold out) drop this fall, so get yours now before it’s too late!


Brandon Blackwood ESR Tote

  • Condition: A

    Vintage or Select: S

    Flaws: small factory defect as photographed

    Dimensions:W 7 in. | H 6 in. | D 2.75in.

    Color: beige

    Material: canvas


    Vintage: 20+ years or older

    Select: less than 20 years old


    RETURN POLICY: All sales are FINAL.


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