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While the tag inside this garment reveals an obscure, long since forgotten New York brand, the quality and cut alone are enough to make you say IDGAF. This uber soft, and ultra stretchy spandex like material contours to the body seamlessly and its turtleneck halter design gives it the ultimate '90s minimalist aesthetic to keep your silhouette streamlined. Pair this with a slitted slip skirt or straight legged pants to achieve  that effortless Calvin Klien supermodel look.


Turtle Neck Halter Top (90s)

  • Condition: A 

    Vintage or Select: V; circa ‘90s

    Flaws: no visible flaws on exterior; a few loose threads from internal view

    Size: S/M

    Fit: extremely stretchy

    Color: black

    Material: stretchy


    Vintage: 20+ years or older

    Select: less than 20 years old


    RETURN POLICY: All sales are FINAL.

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