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MODE is a luxury e-commerce site that offers carefully curated vintage, new and pre-loved luxury goods. From rare and iconic designer finds to select contemporary fashions, we pride ourselves in having something for everyone. For us—authenticity, craftsmanship and sustainability are the keystones of our values.


By shopping MODE, you are helping extend the life of a quality item while contributing to a circular economy.

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Product authenticity and customer trust is at the heart of everything we do at Mode.

We exclusively source products from highly respected luxury boutiques around the world. From handbag specialists to the finest jewelers, our stock comes from established businesses who have a sterling reputation for seeking out authentic, high quality and rare designer pieces. 


The MODE authentication checklists:

  •         Mode seeks out the world's most prestigious independent vintage                             boutiques. Only those with a first class reputation and the very best customer                 reviews are shopped by our buyers.

  •         Each boutique is reviewed by Mode and must have either in-house                                   authenticators, or hire third party authenticators that check product before it is               listed on Mode, ensuring that every piece available is 100% authentic.

  •         Mode also uses third-party authentication and regularly communicate with each               boutique, nurturing an ongoing relationship to ensure the highest quality vintage           goods are continually available on our marketplace.

We are proud to offer customers the finest collection of designer vintage with confidence. We provide 100% authenticity guarantee.



Luxury that is not ethical ceases to be a luxury.

One of the greatest changes that the fashion industry can make in the path towards sustainability is the shift to a more circular economy. Circular fashion is a concept where clothes are circulated responsibly and effectively in society for as long as possible in an effort to reduce waste and pollution. While there are other principles of a circular economy, extending the life cycle of items is an extremely important factor. By shift your buying habits and reusing the resources that fashion industry already has, you too can help with keeping fashion circular.


Here at Mode, our number one goal is to extend the life of exquisitely crafted luxury goods. Every item that we post for sale was made to last a lifetime, not a season. By shopping with us, you are part of the change that creates a more circular fashion economy, whilst also supporting the trade of our independent boutique partners.



Discover your next vintage wardrobe addition with Mode

Our mission is to ensure well made, well cared for luxury goods from around the globe can be re-discovered all in one place. By connecting you with our vintage and pre-loved items, we are creating a cycle that’s pivotal to preserving and re-housing fashion's most quality craftsmanship from the past. We are committed to housing only the highest quality goods in the finest of conditions. If you look at the description of each item you will note that almost all of our items are made from 100% natural materials and are in conditions ranging from A+ to B-. Any item considered to be in less than  great condition will not be listed on Mode.

  • Which designer brands do you carry?
    We sell designer brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and many more.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my item?
    You can expect your product to arrive with-in 24 hoours if you selected "Same Day Delivery" or in 1-2 business days after purchase if you selcted "Standard Delivery".
  • Can I return my purchase?
    No, all sales are final. We do our best to represent each item with detailed descriptions, sizes, and conditions. Please contact us at if you need additional help or information before purchasing.
  • How are you sustainable?
    We believe in taking things slow. Mode's monthly drops are produced with great care to make sure they stay in your wardrobe as long as possible. Our investment pieces are produced with the highest quality materials and great attention to detail, to ensure a longer lasting wear. Sustainability is hugely important to us, and we’ll be constantly trying to improve our practices across the board as we grow.
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