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Arguably the most popular designer shoes that money can buy, Christian Louboutin has remained at the top of the shoe game since its inception back in 1992. Known for its signature red sole, the brilliant pop of color transforms their shoes into works of art rather than something simply to be walked on. These stunning stilettos feature croc embossed leather, a criss-cross front strap and adjustable strap buckle in a glorious shade of golden brown that compliments Louboutin’s classic red perfectly.


Louboutin Criss Cross Croc

  • Retail: $895


    Condition: B

    Vintage or Select: V

    Includes: original duster

    Flaws: minimal damage as seen in photos

    Size: 36.5

    Fit: true to size

    Color: brown

    Material: leather


    Vintage: 20+ years or older

    Select: less than 20 years old


    RETURN POLICY: All sales are FINAL.

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