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If you’ve never tried on a tailored jacket before, now is the perfect time to suit up!

This brilliant double-breasted pinstripe suit, in its fine shade of forest green, reveals a subtle cream pinstripe feature that instantly upgrades the wearer to “Big Boss” status. Whether you're looking to wear the full ensemble with heels or some chucks, or you're simply topping off your favorite denim and white tee look, this vintage suit set is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Non-signé Pinstripe Suit

  • Condition: A

    Vintage or Select: V

    Flaws: no visible flaws

    Size: US 4 - petite

    Fit: fits true to size

    Color: green

    Material: cotton blend


    Vintage: 20+ years or older

    Select: less than 20 years old


    RETURN POLICY: All sales are FINAL.


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