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When Phoebe Philo stepped down from the helm of Celine in 2018, the fashion world literally mourned and since her departure Philo-philes all over the world have been scouring the internet and Instagram, for what is now considered “Old-Céline”. From its minimal, crisp, clean design to the retro-inspired shape, these Céline shades are the perfect accessory to add just the right touch of Parisian chic to any daytime look.



Old Celine Havana Sunglasses

  • Retail: $390


    Condition: A+

    Vintage or Select: S

    Includes: case and microfiber cloth

    Flaws: no visible flaws 

    Color: brown

    Material: acrylic


    Vintage: 20+ years or older

    Select: less than 20 years old


    RETURN POLICY: All sales are FINAL.


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